Girls’ Generation talk about their Likes & Dislikes in Men

2 Jan

With their spectacular comeback “I Got a Boy” well under way, the nine ladies of Girls’ Generation took to their own TV special “Girls’ Generation’s Romantic Fantasy” to discuss their brand new album and performing their impressive repertoire of hits both old and new.

During the interview segment of the program, the members were asked to share their ideal types. The girls answered in a cool and honest manner, sharing some detailed, “must-have” qualities that they want to see in their perfect man.

Looks were never really that important for me,” said Seohyun. “But nowadays, it’s become quite the opposite. I want a guy to have kind and pretty eyes.

Member Sooyoung also stated that pretty eyes and a nice nose are a must for her ideal man. “I don’t like guys that try too hard to seem cool,” she added. “And I also don’t like it when I have to make the first effort to text him every single time.

Leader Taeyeon confessed that she prefers men who are a lot more “youthful” than her, explaining that she meant it not as in age, but as in both attitude and personality. “I want a guy who likes to communicate, calling and texting me often,” continued Taeyeon. “It’s frustrating when they don’t like phone calls or barely texts.”

For me, I don’t like guys who never get jealous,” said YoonA. “I don’t want them to be overtly jealous of course, but just enough to let me know he’s protective.

With picky qualities like this,” laughed member Sunny, “It’s gonna be hard for Girls’ Generation to get boyfriends.

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation will busy promoting their latest single “I Got a Boy” in their home turf before heading to Japan to embark on their second tour. Starting with the launch of their own TV special, the girls will be kicking off their string of promotions for the album with an appearance on tomorrow’s episode of M! Countdown.


Source & Credits :  allkpop

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