Hello Venus counts down to their comeback

9 Dec

Rookie group Hello Venus posted countdown photos to their comeback.

On the 7th, they tweeted, “D-6. The 6 of us!!!! We’ve gathered our strengths and our heads~ keke @_@ We’re working hard, so please watch for us after 6 days~!! ♥♥♥ Fighting~! Everyone, what did you do today~ *.*“. The photo showed the 6 girls putting their heads together and holding up the number 6 between their heads.

On the 8th, they took to Twitter again to write, “D-5 Today, finally there’s fi~~ve days left!!!! Please give us your strength along with ours at the practice room~ Fighting~!!!♥♥ Everyone, what did you do today~ @_@” and uploaded a photo with their hands holding the number 5.

Seems like the girls are working hard for their comeback! Are you excited?

Source: Hello Venus’ Twitter


Source & Credits :  allkpop

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