G-Dragon and his fans donate $10,100 USD for ’10,000 won Miracle Project’

9 Dec

G-Dragon and his fans donated to Sean’s ‘10,000 won Miracle Project‘.

The Purme Foundation revealed on December 7th, “G-Dragon and his fans recently donated a total of 10,950,000 KRW (approximately $10,100 USD)“. G-Dragon had participated in the ‘10,000 won Miracle Project‘, and donated 3.65 million KRW (approximately $3,370 USD) of his personal money to two bank accounts for a total of 7.3 million KRW (approximately $6,740 USD). In addition, his fans stepped up to donate 3.65 million KRW in G-Dragon’s name as well to the same campaign.

G-Dragon said, “It would be a very happy situation if my small efforts can give a bit of hope to children. I hope more people are willing to start donating and understand the happiness of sharing with other people.

Sean and the Purme Foundation will use the donated money to help build a rehabilitation hospital for disabled children. The 10,000 won Miracle Project emphasizes that people donate 10,000 won a day for 365 days (3.65 million KRW). If 10,000 people donate 10,000 won a day (approximately $9.24 USD) for a year it will be enough to meet the funding of 36.5 billion KRW ($33.7 million USD) needed to build the hospital.


Source & Credits :  allkpop

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