miss A’s Suzy reveals she felt betrayed by news of HaHa’s marriage to Byul

25 Oct

On the October 25th episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Happy Together 3‘, miss A‘s Suzy confessed, “After hearing the news about HaHas marriage, I felt betrayed,” shocking everyone on set.

She continued, “When I was filming a program with HaHa, he told me that he liked me. Shortly after, there were reports that HaHa was marrying Byul, and I felt very betrayed.”

HaHa then explained, “Due to my playboy character, I confessed to a lot of female celebrities that I liked them, and right after reports of my marriage to Byul surfaced, those female celebrities called me and told me they felt betrayed.”

He added, “Suzy is someone that even Byul agrees is special. When the cameras weren’t rolling, I even asked Suzy for dating advice once.”

Other guests who featured on this episode include Park Soo Hong and Song Eun Yi.


Source & Credits : allkpop, TV Daily

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