Psy sends personal request to city of El Monte to reinstate 14 lifeguards fired for parodying ‘Gangnam Style’

16 Sep

Singer Psy recently put in a personal request for the city of El Monte to reinstate the 14 lifeguards who were unjustly fired after parodying ‘Gangnam Style‘.

During his interview with MTV on the 15th, Psy expressed his regret towards the situation where 13 lifeguards and their supervisor were fired after posting a parody of the viral music video. The singer stated, “Unfortunately I’m a rookie here [in the U.S.]. When I become a big star here, I really want to help them out. Because that’s not fair right?

And as suggested by the interviewer, Psy had put in a personal request to the city of El Monte to reconsider their decision. Directed to the mayor of El Monte the singer made a statement asking for him to not fire the lifeguards as they were merely enjoying themselves and exploring a different culture. He also did not forget to state that the lifeguards were off-duty when the video was filmed.

Meanwhile, the parody video became controversial because, “Using public facilities for private use goes against the rules of public service,” as stated by the city of El Monte.

In response to being fired the lifeguards created a Facebook page and a petition page where they gathered thousands of support signatures with which they planned to submit an petition of appeal to the court.

Do you believe the lifeguards should get their job back?

You can check out the parody video below.


Source & Credits : allkpop

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