Trainer Sean Lee to release exercise video with singer Yuri

2 Sep

Personal trainer Sean Lee and singer Yuri have teamed up to make an exercise video.

On August 28th KST, Sean Lee and Yuri filmed their exercise video at the Namyangju Studio to the beat of Yuri’s new single, “You Can Do It“.

Sean Lee stated, “Mighty Mouth‘s Shorry introduced me to Yuri. Yuri and I both believe that it is best to exercise to three minutes of music, which led to us making an exercise video together. She and I both have dark skin as well as the same last name, so I feel like she’s my younger sister. Before making the video, we exercised together using my specialized exercises. Yuri completed a diet, and she performed the difficult exercise moves really well, ending up with a perfect body.

Yuri responded, “I feel like Sean Lee has the best body because he puts so much work into it since he is a sports trainer. I like how I feel skinnier when I stand next to him.

In related news, the video features 23 of Sean Lee’s own fun, unique exercise routines, which can be performed anywhere with no equipment.


Source & Credits : allkpop, World Daily

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