SISTAR Dasom’s secret to her perfect proportions is her long neck?

2 Sep

During the August 30th episode of KBS2‘s ’Happy Together 3‘, SISTAR Dasom‘s long neck was revealed to be the secret to her “golden ratio” body.

As the G4 members started introducing each guest for this week’s episode, comedian Kim Won Hyopointed out Dasom and stated, “I’ve noticed that you have been playing the role of a girl with a golden ratio body and [tall, amazing figure] in your recent sitcom ‘Shut Up Family‘.

G4 member Choi Hyo Jong then brought laughter to the studio by jokingly adding, “Even though she has a really long neck? Even if [her neck takes up most of her height]?

The G4 members then displayed a series of photos highlighting the length of Dasom’s neck, which fascinated the MCs and guests.

In related news, this week’s ‘Happy Together’ featured actresses from the upcoming KBS2 sitcom ‘Shut Up Family’.


Source & Credits : allkpop, Star News

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