KARA’s Jiyoung calls out Boom for being too scatterbrained on ‘Invincible Youth 2′?

2 Sep

KARA‘s Jiyoung called out MC Boom for being two-faced on ‘Invincible Youth 2‘.

On the September 1st episode, the cast members wrote letters to each other, revealing their true feelings during dinnertime. Jiyoung chose to write to Boom.

She stated, “At first, when I couldn’t adjust and was wandering, Boom oppa helped me a lot and led me in the right direction. But why does oppa only treat me well on broadcasts? The times he contacts me for personal reasons, it’s only so he can brag.”

Jiyoung went on, “Boom’s funny, but he’s too scatterbrained. I’m saying this, hoping that he improves. It’s good to see how you’re always bright and cheery. But, you’re still not good looking. I’m telling him this, so he might get cooler.”

Boom replied, “I was careful because rumors might arise. I’ll approach you as if you were my real little sister now.”


Source & Credits : allkpop, Newsen

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