[Twitter Roundup] G-Dragon Teases, IU Becomes Thumbelina, Super Junior’s Siwon Asks about His Countries, and More

25 Aug

So what happened today on the Twitterverse? Not sure?

Don’t worry. We’ve gathered some of the highlights in our daily Twitter Roundup!

Big Bang’s G-Dragon is gearing up to release his new music video on August 25, but not before teasing us with more scenes from it!

He tweeted, “It wasn’t my intent, but because Seungri, told everyone I’m shooting a music video, here’s a shot!”

August 24 was Super Junior’s Yesung’s birthday , and while his members and fans wished him a happy birthday, there’s nothing like family love.

His young brother, Kim Jong Jin, tweeted, “Today is the day that Gyeonwoo and Jinnyuh met! It’s also my brother’s birthday ^^ Then is Dad, Gyeonwoo and Mom, Jinnyuh…and I’m a crow? Anyways!! Happy birthday to my loving brother!”

Yesung later tweeted his brother with a gracious thank you.

Already petite, IU became Thumbelina standing next to health trainer Sean Lee, who tweeted on August 23, “A picture with the nation′s little sister!”

They filmed for MBC’s Three Wheels, so get excited to see IU on television very soon!

Speaking of buff guys, Super Junior’s Siwon decided that he wanted to know more about his fans and tweeted, “I’d like to start off by knowing which countries my fans are from! Which countries are Siwon’s countries? ;)”

We’d like to know which countries are his too.

Currently acting in SBS’ To the Beautiful You, f(x)’s Sulli donned a clean tuxedo and made an adorable duck face in her me2day, saying, “This is Jae Hee.”

It seems like she got dressed up for the wedding scene in episode 4. If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, go watch To the Beautiful You!

While Sulli dressed up for a party, 2PM’s Taecyeon…dressed up…for the rain…while the skies were beautifully painted blue. Perhaps he was in line for a water ride.

He tweeted on August 23, “Arrived! Thanks to all the fans who greeted us. Have a safe trip back home. As a token of my gratitude, a picture!”

With Maneki-nekos, or the welcoming cats in the background at an amusement park, Taecyeon wore a raincoat in a silly way while Junsu made a pouty lips.

We may need to borrow Taecyeon′s raincoat later on, because it′s supposed rain again today. Sad face.

Remember to tune into our Twitter Roundup! tomorrow as well for the crazy that stars are ready to say.

Photo Credit: The Twitters of G-Dragon, Yesung, Sean Lee, Si Won, and Taecyeon, Sulli′s me2day

Source & Credits : enewsworld

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