SHINee Minho Tells f(x) Sulli to Leave in ‘To the Beautiful You’

24 Aug

Minho has Sulli’s identity all figured out.

The August 23 broadcast of SBS’ To the Beautiful You handed Jae Hee (Sulli) the biggest crisis in her high school life: Tae Jun (Minho) learned that Jae Hee is actually a girl, and tried to get her to give up her masquerade.

Jae Hee met with her big brother, Daniel (Julien Kang), in school. After learning that his little sister was pretending to be a boy to remain in a boys’ high school, he cornered her and told her to go back to who she really was.

Jae Hee, however, explained that she had to stay in school for Tae Jun. The twist was that Tae Jun was listening in on the entire conversation outside of their door, and was led to shock after learning that Jae Hee had transferred to Genie Physical Education High School as a boy just for him.

Tae Jun finally told Jae Hee, who had returned to her room, that he wanted her to get out.

When Jae Hee refused, Tae Jun said, “If you’re still going to talk about that nonsense that you’re going to make me run again, I don’t need it. I’ve given up on sports entirely. Please. Get out.”

Jae Hee could only spill tears at Tae Jun’s harsh attitude.

Viewers were surprised at the sudden turn in events. Viewer boards were flooded with comments such as, ‘I can’t believe Tae Jun already knows who Jae Hee is’, ‘My heart breaks at how Minho’s trying to send Sulli away and at how Sulli can only show tears’ and ‘Tae Jun, you can’t let Jae Hee go!’

In the same episode, Jae Hee also drew laughter by pulling out her girly self for a while, because she had to act like a girl in front of her brother. She had become so used to acting like a boy that at times she sat down with her legs spread wide open when she had a skirt on, and even unconsciously ran into the boys’ bathroom dressed as a girl.

Photo credit: SBS

Source & Credits : enewsworld

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