[INFO] 120823 Goo Hara Worked Out to Avoid Elementary School Body Comparisons

23 Aug

Goo Hara Worked Out to Avoid Elementary School Body Comparisons

KARA’s Goo Hara explained that she worked out to avoid criticisms of having an elementary body. KARA held a showcase for their mini album “PANDORA” at the Sheraton Grande Walkerhill’s Gayageum Hall this past 22nd. They’ve successfully showed off another side of their mature charm through their showcase and individual teasers.

Goo Hara explained, “My goal was to no longer have an elementary body. A lot of people have commented that I have a body like an elementary school girl, but I think that my frame is just smaller than everyone else’s. That’s why I worked out diligently.” She finished with a happy expression, “I’m satisfied that the reactions have been great.”

Han Seungyon commented, “After the teasers came out, I looked at the comments like ‘I thought she’s going to be like a hamster, but it’s good to see her mature charm too’ and I was so happy. We were a little worried that this concept wouldn’t have a strong impact because we’ve already shown a strong concept through ‘Lupin.’ Thanks to the great response, I’m able to be relieved.”

Kyuri said, “We worked really hard on our diets and we’re still in the midst of it. Many people have commented, ‘Wow, so there were still places of fat left to lose.’” She added happily, “You guys look sleek, mature and attractive. Looks like you keep getting prettier.”

The youngest member, Jiyoung laughed, “I was really happy when I heard that my maturing was a ‘Maknae Rebellion.’”

Nicole finished off, “We were able to show a provocative dance through the teaser, which we couldn’t have shown through a live stage. We’re glad that we’ve received reactions we anticipated.”

“PANDORA” is KARA’s title track from their 5th mini album. Famous composer Sweetunes lended his hand to create a lively and exciting dance track.

KARA will make their comeback through ‘Music Bank’ (KBS) on August 25.

Source + Photos + Credit via Soompi.com

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