[NEWS] 120821 INFINITE, Rice Wreath Donations to Holt Children’s Service Inc

22 Aug

Popular idol group Infinite donated all the rice wreaths that their fans sent for their concert.

Infinite’s company, Woolim Entertainment, donated 3 tons of rice to the Holt Children’s Services Inc., that came from domestic fans that sent concert support rice wreaths to Infinite’s concert which was held at Seoul Gwangjang Ax-Korea on the 8th through the 12th.

This is also gaining a lot of interest because this is already the third Infinite’s rice wreath donation this year.

In both February and April Infinite received 9 tons of rice wreaths from their concert and donated it to the Holt Children’s Service Inc. and One Love Disability Infant Home and donated around 12 tons of rice wealth in this year.

They also sent around 2104 briquettes, another concert support wreath, Holt Daegu Social Welfare Center and Gyungi-do, Gwangju South Infinite Happiness Center who in turn donated around hundred to about twenty families.

On the other hand, Infinite’s concert ‘That Year’s Summer’, that seated around ten thousand people, is receiving good reviews as a new concept emotional concert. This concert had all ten thousand tickets sold out one minute after ticketing started and because eighty thousand people were on the server at one time, the website was down.

Infinite is securing the position of a performance type artist as they are become the idols that have all their concerts sold out in not only Korea, but Japan as well.

Source + Photos via obs news

Credits: itzmephia @infinite7soul

Translation: hyome @ infinite updates

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