[120821] IU “Moving People Again”

21 Aug

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Singer IU will be holding an encore concert.

The “Real Fantasy” encore concert will be held on the 22nd and the 23rd of next month.

On September 22~23, IU will hold the “Real Fantasy 2012” encore concert at the war memorial center in Yongsan, Seoul. The encore concert will be held outside and it is expected IU will show her different charms for this concert. Seeing that IU is holding an encore concert after her first concert, it proves that she is a singer that is fit for holding concerts.

IU, who had used “The concert where you can enjoy music” and “The concert that follows the fans” as her motto, started her tour on June 2nd in Seoul and ended in Daegu on July 15. After having 11 concerts in 6 different cities, IU was able to meet 20 thousand fans.

After promising the fans that she would meet them again at her concert during the last Daegu concert, she was able to fufil her promise in less than 2 months. IU, who had helped plan her first concerts, plans to show her fans a new side of herself through this concert.

IU will also be holding “IU Friendship Special 2012” concert in Japan on September 17. With the two concerts only 5 days apart, it seems that IU will be shaking the uncle fan’s hearts in both Japan amd Korea.

Source + Photos: Newsen via Nate

Source & Credits : weheartiu

Translation: Hope @ weheartiu

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