VIXX holds ‘Rock Ur Body’ showcase + admit their ideal types

15 Aug

6-member rookie idol group VIXX has returned with a much more upgraded look.

Members NLeoKenRaviHongbin, and Hyuk held a showcase in Hongdae August 14th to commemorate their new single, “Rock Ur Body“. This is their second release after their debut single “Super Hero” was released this past May.

There were 100+ reporters and fans present at the showcase, and it was here that the boys unveiled the MV to “Rock Your Body”. Directed by Hong Won Ki, the MV also drew attention for featuring SISTAR‘sDasom.

The VIXX members who captivated the hearts and ears of their fans by performing sub-track “It Hurts But I’m Okay” in their seats wrapped up the event with a live performance of “Rock Ur Body”. The 8-beat retro game sound intro and the fresh guitar riffs stand out in the powerful and addictive dance track written by hit producer Shinsadong Tiger.

With their “Rock Ur Body” stage, the boys displayed both adorable and fierce dance moves. Their stage performances have become much more trendy and modern over the last three months, and the boys who looked much more comfortable appeared to be enjoying themselves on stage.

After the showcase came to an end, a press conference hosted by comedian Moon Chun Shik was also held where the boys had an opportunity to answer a few questions. Producer Hwang Sae Joonwho also happens to be a joint representative of VIXX’s agency Jellyfish Entertainment (also home toSung Si KyungPark Hyo Shin, and Seo In Guk) was also present at the press conference.

Hwang said, “Our company does not pursue excessiveness. In the case of VIXX, rather than hip hop or rock, we are looking to pursue dance tracks with which they can properly relate with the mainstream audience.”

VIXX’s leader N added, “We are standing on stage with the desire to one day become the best,” displaying his will to perform with confidence.

Fellow member Ravi added, “As we prepared our second single, I was determined to show you a better side of ourselves. We will work hard,” while Leo added, “When we promoted our first single, there were a lot of areas where I wished I could have done better, so I practiced harder this time around. Back when senior Park Hyo Shin was on leave from the military, he came to the rehearsal studio and taught us about facial expressions when we sing. We were grateful.”

Hyuk opened up about working with SISTAR’s Dasom. “Senior Dasom is extremely feminine on stage, but she was very easy going and down to earth on set. She is the same age as Hongbin hyung and Ravi hyung so they grew close, but I am younger than she is so I couldn’t become that close to her,” letting out a laugh.

VIXX also displayed their gratitude for senior and label mate Sung Si Kyung who remarked that their new song “Rock Ur Body” was upbeat and exciting. Sung Si Kyung also promised the boys that if they seize a #1 K-Chart win, he would invite them to his MBC Radio program.

The boys also confessed their ideal types after being asked by press conference host Moon Chun Sik. Hyuk selected SISTAR’s Dasom, N selected Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun, Ravi selected 2NE1‘s CL, while Hongbin selected Rihanna, Ken selected his fans, and Leo remarked that he likes girls who are smart and those he has good chemistry with upon meeting them for the first time.

VIXX’s showcase was streamed live throughout the world via YouTube, and the boys also greeted their fans in English and Japanese.

Source & Image: StarNews via Nate

Source & Credits : allkpop

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