Kim Soo Hyun’s deal with ‘The Thieves’ viewers about to become reality

15 Aug

Last month, actor Kim Soo Hyun made a public deal with his fans promising that should his movie, ‘The Thieves‘, hit 10 million viewers, he would give the lucky 10 millionth viewer a piggy back ride.

The deal is about to become a reality, as it’s almost certain that the movie will see the great milestone on August 15th, a national holiday celebrating National Liberation or Independence Day. As of the 14th, the movie was at 9.75 million viewers.

Not only that, but actress Kim Hae Sook had also previously joined in on the deal by promising a kiss to the 10 millionth viewer, so the stakes are high for the special fan.

However, it has come to their attention that it will be nearly impossible to find the exact 10 millionth viewer, so instead they’ll be opening up an event where fans can send in proof shots of their tickets on the movie’s official Facebook page.

Thirty viewers around the 10 million mark will be chosen to be invited to a special event on August 18th where two viewers total will be chosen to receive either the kiss or piggy back ride.

Source + Photos: Newsen via Nate

Source & Credits : allkpop

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