SHINee’s Minho is becoming like his ‘To the Beautiful You’ character?

14 Aug

SHINee‘s Minho revealed that his abrasive on-screen personality is transforming his actual personality.

At the press conference for SBS‘ ‘To the Beautiful You‘ held on the 13th, Minho revealed, “Because my character’s personality is rough around the edges, my actual personality has changed. I noticed I’ve been treating Sulli more roughly without knowing it.

He continued, “Of course, there have been funny situations. Although it was difficult in the beginning because I have no acting experience, now I work well with not only Sulli, but with the other actors. Because we’re all in the same age group and get along on set, the director says, ‘It’s good to see’.

The drama is drawing much attention for its cast, which was chosen by ‘Boys Over Flowers‘ director Chun Ki Sang. The main characters include Goo Jaehee (Sulli) who transforms into a boy and transfers to an all-boys athletics high school to meet high jump athlete Kang Taejun (Minho), who she adores.

Kang Taejun is an athlete who holds the world record for the Junior World record in high jump. With his good looks and athletic abilities, Taejun is no doubt popular with the ladies, but because of his painful past, he is quiet and keeps to himself most of the time. However, after meeting Jaehee, he begins to change little by little.

Catch the first episode of ‘To the Beautiful You’ airing August 15th at 9:55 KST!

Source + Image: Hankook Ilbo via Naver

Source & Credits : allkpop

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