Kim Kyu Jong writes letter to fans from military

14 Aug

Kim Kyu Jong, who became the first SS501 member to officially enlist for mandatory military serviceon July 23, has written a letter to his fans!

Kyu Jong wrote:

“To: Triple S and! ThanKYU ~

Hi! Is everyone doing well?! I am doing well during this short, 4-week training period.
Oh! I received the letters sent by you, the fans~^^. All thanks to them, I feel stronger, and I’m enjoying myself and doing well.
I’m really curious whether Pretties are doing well or not! I want to check in on your well-being everyday through SNS, and though it is a bit frustrating, I believe you all are definitely doing well ^^. Because you’re always well~ Hopefully, even more so in the future too! ^^
I miss you a lot~. While in training, when the [others in training] asked me random questions, I kept thinking back to the day I debuted in 2005. It’s already 2012..!
We’ve been together for a really long time…^^
Let’s make [great memories] in the future too. 
Only a few days have passed, but I miss the members… T.T I also miss Pretties..! I’m reminded again how precious you all are.
The word ‘we’ is not a word that is used meaninglessly in Korean…^^ It’s a word that is only really used in a relationship like ours!~ The dongsaengs in my dormitory who are beside me, kept asking me to sing our songs… haha…
Even though I like singing, I felt shy and embarrassed here. ^^~
It’s been a long time since I’ve written a letter, so I’m [all over the place]!
I hope you understand~. I hope Pretties will always smile and stay positive~.
Looking forward to the day when we can smile together and meet once again! ^^
Bye bye~ <3.”

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Source & Credits : allkpop

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