Kara Stands as Lone Korean Celebrity in Japan’s Most Powerful Celebrity Ranking

11 Jul

Kara’s popularity and appeal in Japan has been proven once more.

Recently, the Japanese entertainment magazine Nikkei Entertainment released the results of its annual survey ranking the power of celebrities from the first half of 2012.

While the first through fifth place was taken up by the members and group of the popular Arashi, coming in at sixth place was none other than Kara who beat out popular celebrities such as AKB48.

Kara also stood as the lone hallyu star in the survey’s top ten ranking.

Regarding the feat, DSP Media said, “Kara is receiving popularity to the point it has beat out girl group AKB48 and is a big topic among the Japanese entertainment industry insiders. Recently Kara sold over a million copies of its Japanese single in the shortest amount of time and Kara’s position is becoming all the more established.”

Photo credit: DSP Media

Source & Credits : global.mnet

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