NU’EST Watches Movie With Fans in Busan and Gangneung

9 Jul

NU’EST has gone a long ways to spend time and catch a flick with their fans.

On July 7, NU’EST held a special event for its fans titled, ‘Movie Date With NU’EST’. As the event’s name suggested, the NU’EST member traveled to Busan and Gangwon-do’s Gangneung and held a special movie watching time with their fans.

Pledis Entertainment explained, “Before promoting their new mini album [the NU’EST] members wanted to create a special memory with its fans in some of the far away areas [of Korea]. In addition to holding a handshake event, the members introduced the new songs and gave a special preview performance of the songs.”

The agency added, “Through this event, we revealed the album first to fans even before going on broadcast in the hopes we could return some of the love the group has received from the fans.”

NU’EST will kick off promotions for its title song Action on July 11.

Photo credit: Pledis Entertainment

Source & Credits : global.mnet

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