Kara’s Park Gyuri Rides a Rollercoaster at Universal Studios Singapore

9 Jul

Kara’s Park Gyuri has revealed she has bravely conquered one of Universal Studios Singapore’s signature rollercoasters.

On July 9, the Kara member tweeted, “Riding a really scary rollercoaster in this hot day. After riding this one my legs are still shaking. But still, what a fun Universal Studios ^^”

Included was a picture of the Universal Studios Singapore grounds.

She later added, “But the funny thing is the girl who was on the ride behind me was screaming so loud I was overcome by her aura and I wasn’t even able to scream once. I thought at first the sounds were coming from my mouth like ,’Kyah!’, ‘Ah!’ and “Woah!!!’… but the more I listened the more I realized it wasn’t me. Everyone thought it was me though. Thank you to whoever it was that helped scream for me as my throat has been hurting. Even without me screaming it felt refreshing.”

The rollercoaster Park Gyuri was referring to was revealed to be Battlestar Galactica: Human vs. Cylon.

Photo credit: Park Gyuri′s Twitter

Source & Credits : global.mnet

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