T-ara members’ everyday lives to be shown through ‘Star Life Theater’

8 Jul

The everyday lives of idol group T-ara will be revealed.

From July 9th-13th, KBS2′s ‘Star Life Theater‘ will air episodes about T-ara.  During the show, each member of T-ara will reveal their homes and show how they live their everyday lives off stage.

According to a staff member on July 8th, a story regarding Boram losing 20 pounds before her debut thanks to the help of her actress mother Lee Mi Young will be told.  Lee Mi Young had her daughter on a strict diet and said, “I was really sad before Boram’s debut because I helped her with her diet and did not let her eat much,” and spoke about the hardships that she went through, along with her daughter during that time.

It will also air an episode of Jiyeon inviting her close friend IU to her home and enjoying a great time together.

Another thing we will see a lot of through the show are the T-ara members deciding most things using rock, paper, scissors. Where they sit in the van, the order they use the water fountain in their practice facility, the order they get their make up done is all decided through rock, paper, scissors.

The members said, “The rock, paper, scissor rule that we established since we were trainees is still in effect.  But because of that we do not fight with each other.


Source: Sports Kyung Hyang via Naver

Source & Credits : allkpop

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