Shinhwa Chooses Kim Dong Wan as First to Wed

8 Jul

Leading into their mid-30s, the Shinhwa members chose Kim Dong Wan as the first to get married in the group.

On July 6 at the Pullman West Wanda Hotel in Beijing, Shinhwa held a special press conference a day before its last concert for its 2012 Shinhwa Grand Tour – The Return.

There, the media asked who they think will get married first in the group.

Minwoo took the microphone and said, “We talk about this subject a lot and we end up choosing Kim Dong Wan as the first to get hitched.” The other members nodded their heads in agreement.

Then Minwoo added, “But in reality, all six of us need to get married, but right now, nothing like that is happening yet.”

Hearing all of this marriage talk, Andy perked up and said, “But I was the first one to go,” referring to his fake marriage with Solbi on MBC’s We Got Married. Jun Jin then added, “I got married too,” making everyone in the room laugh.

Jun Jin was married to actress Lee Si Young on the show and eventually became a real-life couple before breaking up with her.

Eric then added, “It’s sometimes upsetting when fans tell us not to even talk about marriage, especially when they all got married and had kids themselves. But since they are our audience, I understand. I’m going to get married one day and I’ll announce it to our fans.”

Starting from March 24 in Seoul, Shinhwa continued its tour in Shanghai, Taiwan, Tokyo, Kobe, Singapore, Guangzhou, and will end in Beijing on July 7.

The members plan on carrying out individual activities after the conclusion of the tour.

Photo Credit: Shinhwa Company

Source & Credits : global.mnet

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