[NEWS] 120704 Wonder Girls’ Yenny reveals she was dumped by her boyfriend of two months

4 Jul

Earlier today, producers of SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘ revealed a snippet preview of the show by revealing that the Wonder Girls‘ Yenny had broken up with her boyfriend last year.

Yenny explained the situation in fuller detail on the July 3rd broadcast by sharing, “It had been about six months since our ban on dating had been lifted by the company. During that time, I dated someone for about two months. It’s been about five years and a half since we’ve debuted, and I upheld the dating ban for four years, which I personally consider to be a lot of time.”

Jo Kwon and Wooyoung stopped to add, “I had no idea. I was really surprised in case she would make a surprise reveal like Sunye,” and “I had no idea either. I didn’t think Yenny would have a boyfriend since she’s really thorough about managing herself. She sings without even giving the chance for others to meet her gaze.”

Yenny went on to express, “The reason no one knew was because he wasn’t a celebrity. That’s probably why rumors couldn’t spread in the industry. We met in New York. It’s hard to go into more details because of our break up. We only dated for about two months because I had to keep traveling back and forth between Korea and America…”

Bang Eun Hee then asked, “Were you dumped?”

Much to the surprise of the panel, Yenny replied yes. “During a call, he couldn’t understand those aspects of my career so I hung up on him while telling him to meet someone else if he’s going to act like that. He must’ve thought that it was time to break up then, because the next day, he asked to break up. I knew that this situation would repeat itself so I agreed. He didn’t call again after that, but I did.”

She continued, “I drank some wine and called him at around 3-4 a.m. He picked up so I asked him, ‘Were you sleeping? I’m sorry.’ He said, ‘No, what’s wrong?’ I called him with the intention of telling him that I wanted to get back together with him, but he said that he was already with his new girlfriend at the time.”

Yenny finally concluded, “I hung up the call in the bathroom and went back to drink with the members. ‘Girlfriend‘ is about this experience. Since then, he hasn’t called me and I haven’t been able to find out what he’s been up to. There’s nothing that keeps us in touch anymore. I haven’t dated anyone since then.”


Source & Credits : Nate

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