[NEWS] 120704 T-ara Returns With ‘Day By Day’ MV

4 Jul

T-ara is back after 9 months with fresh new face and a mini-album ‘Day By Day’. After getting fans hyped with photo and video teasers, the 15-minute long music video was released on youtube. Despite the 13-hour delay due to the massive computer graphics work to be done, the music video impressed many with its dramatic scenes and computer effects.

The title track ‘Day By Day’ showcases a more mature side of the girls who potrayed much cute-ness oraegyo with previous hit songs like YaYaYa and Roly Poly. The MV features a futuristic sci-fi concept, set in the year 2330. Hyomin in her striking red hair gets involved in a sword fight, trying to protect new member Dani who seems to have lost her sight. It ends off with a hint of Part 2 as well as behind-the-scenes footage of the MV’s making.

The fresh new face and 9th member, Dani will only be joining at later part of the year, most probably for the album promotions. Meanwhile, new addition Ahreum has started her role as T-ara’s 8th member and will be promoting ‘Day By Day’ along with the rest.

T-ara is set to comeback on MBC Music Core on July 7th.

What do you think will be their outfit concept? Tough, black/dark, military-ish fashion concept, or maybe not. Did you think the MV was too long, then again long dramatic MVs have been the direction T-ara is heading towards.

Source & Credits : LOENENT

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