[NEWS] 120704 T-ara Boram’s younger sister, R.A.M confesses, “I envied my sister when she performed in Japan”

4 Jul

Recently, T-ara Boram’s sister R.A.M (real name: Wooram) has revealed her envious feelings towards her sister.

She is a member of the three member girl group D-unit which is about to debut and composed of Ujin and vocalist Z.I.N who were trainees of YG Entertainment. Even before their official debut, the girls are to hold an autograph session in Japan on July 7.

On July 4, R.A.M shared through her agency, “I’ve got a lump in the throat when I heard that we were going to have an autograph session in Japan even before the debut. Recently, we had a fan meeting in Korea, and I’m so happy to have another one in Japan. I was envious of my sister when she had activities in Japan. I promise to give my best to communicate with my Japanese fans.”

The fan meeting with D-Unit will be held at the head office of Pop Skin and Moiza on the 7th and the 8th respectively in Shin-Okubo. The girls will be shaking hands with their fans and give out autographs for an hour. After the event, they will release other songs listed on the album, “Before the weekends” and “Oversleeping,” for the first time.

The fan meeting was organized by a Japanese Entertainment when a staff member realized that R.A.M already had a lot of fans in Japan after the group was formed.

President Bang Yoon Tae of Pasta Entertainment that manages D-Unit says, “We’re already receiving proposals from Japan to sign a management contract with them. I was also very surprised when they first proposed to hold an autograph session. We’re happy about this because they’re just a rookie group about to debut, but it also motivates us to work harder.”

D-Unit will have an official debut performance on August 3.

Source & Credits : Starnews

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