[NEWS] 120704 AZIATIX Performed in KBS2 ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook’

4 Jul


Introduced as the global hip hop and R&B group consisting of 3 Korean-Americans, AZIATIX in KBS2 Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook show, a live music performance hosted by top South Korean musician and producer of the same program name, they have left a strong image for the audience with their concept and new style of music. Opening with the remix act of ‘Be With You’, rapper Flowsik from New York, vocals Eddie Shin from Boston, and Nicky Lee from LA made a hot entrance clad in slick black suits and vests. Clearly vocalizing their true colors out, Yoo points out that they reminded him of the first South Korean hiphop group, SOLID, to which Nicky replied that “Jae Chong [of SOLID] is our producer, who’s now always traveling and I cannot get hold of him.”

Flowsik, who is most known to have collaborated with world artists JYJ, was revealed to have hold the title of having the fastest rapping (seuksapo rapping) skills, in which he demonstrated in English. Even Yoo had to imitate and invited laughter as he joked it off to be a person auctioning at a fish market. Like the other members who had Korean names to which Yoo states that “it doesn’t suit at all” Lee Chul-Gu of Nicky, “the most disappointing of all” Shin Seung Yong of Eddie, have has a surprising traditional Korean name Park Dae-sik which he himself became embarrased and laughed it off.

The short interview ended with their first single performance, Go. This marks their first ever feature on Sketchbook, one of the prominent music shows in South Korea. As all Aziaddicts all cheer, “AZIATIX All Day!”, we are grateful for the trio to have landed their biggest milestone to introduce themselves yet.

Source & Credits : AZIADDICTS Facebook

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