[NEWS] 120704 Whom BOB4 members are dating?

3 Jul

Recently, Sung Yoo Bin, Hwang In Hoe, and Choi Min Soo of the rookie band BOB4 are revealed to have girlfriends.

A staff member of their agency said to Starnews on July 3, “BOB4’s Sung Yoo Bin, Hwang In Hoe, and Choi Min Soo each has a girlfriend and has a good relationship with her. All of their acquaintances know about it.”

According to him, the leader Sung Yoo Bin has been dating his girlfriend for seven years now, and she is a year older than him, working in a field of clothing.

On the other hand, Hwang is dating someone four years younger than him for over eight months, and Choi has been going out with his girlfriend over a year and three months. Kim Myung Kyu is the only one in the group without a girlfriend at the moment.

The staff member says, “Because all members are singer-songwriters, we believe their personal emotions are very important too. We do not restrict them from dating like other agencies do to their ‘idol’ singers.”

The band is composed of four members already mentioned above, and they debuted in the music industry with their digital single, “Mystery Girl.”

Source & Credits : Starnews

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