[NEWS] 120702 Music video teaser of 2NE1′s Sandara Park is released

2 Jul

On July 2, a part of 2NE1′s new song “I Love You” was released on YG Blog.

The part, which is about 10 seconds long, is Sandara Park’s part. With an electronic pop beat, the lyrics deliver a girl’s anxious feeling after falling in love as, “I think of you all day long / I keep staring at my phone but it doesn’t ring / How come you don’t understand my feeling.”

2NE1 have appealed to many music fans with strong woman’s images through “Go Away,” a song about a girl who confidently says good-bye to her lover as he keeps making her sad, “I Don’t Care,” a song about a cool woman, and “I’m the Best,” a song about a confident woman.

Unlike 2NE1′s previous songs, “I Love You” is about a girl confessing her love. Because 2NE1 have always shown strong, independent images, many music fans are curious about how they will perform a love song.

Park, who has recently attracted a lot of attention with her partially shaved head, is appealing to many people with her feminine yet charismatic look, sitting on a antique sofa, in the teaser. YG Entertainment says, “Starting with Sandara Park, we will release teaser videos of all 2NE1 members until the day the song is released.”

2NE1 recently finished shooting a music video of “I Love You” with director Seo Hyun Seung, who also made a music video of 2NE1′s “I’m the Best.” For their first comeback performance on SBS TV’s Inkigayo on July 8, they’re currently practicing hard.

2NE1 will also start their concert tour, New Evolution, which will be held in ten cities of seven countries, at the Gymnastics Stadium in Olympic Park on July 28 and 29.


Source & Credits : TV Report

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