[NEWS] 120702 miss A’s Suzy is the most beautiful actress

2 Jul

miss A’s Suzy has become the most beautiful actress thanks to journalists.

Movie weekly Movie Week did a survey asking 72 journalists, including movie reporters and columnists, “Who is the most beautiful actress from movies and TV dramas, from the past year (June 1, 2011 – May 31, 2012)?”

As a result, Suzy, who has become an icon of first love by appearing on the movie Introduction to Architecture, ranked first. People responded: “She is the one who helped people get rid of the prejudice against idol actors and actresses.” “She is a first love to everyone.” “She is the most promising actress.”

Yoon Yeon Jung, who appeared on several movies, including HindsightThe Taste of Money, and In Another Country, and several TV dramas, including, “The King 2 Hearts” and “My Husband Got a Family,” ranked second.

Im Soo Jung, who appeared on the movie Everything About My Wife, ranked third and Bae Doo Na, who appeared on the movie Korea, ranked fourth.


Source & Credits : Money Today

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