[NEWS] 120702 Gong Yoo is a sentimental man to a little girl

2 Jul

Gong Yoo recently captured the public and a little girl’s heart while performing for KBS’s series Big (written by Hong Jung Eun and Hong Mi Ran, directed by Ji Byung Hun).

On July 2, the production crew for the series released stills of Gong Yoo. In the stills, Gong Yoo is wearing a white doctor’s gown and a child actress is wearing a patient gown.

In the series, a hospital playroom for children is the only place where Gong Yoo can ease his stress. He plays with the children in a playroom and overcomes his fear of blood. He also gets respite from his lonliness and sad feelings.

The production company says, “During the shooting, Gong Yoo took good care of the child actress and she liked him as well. Thanks to the two people, we were able to shoot lovely scenes.”

People responded: “I want to become the girl.” “Gong Yoo will be fool for his daughter in the future.” “Children know who is handsome or not.”


Source & Credits : TV Report

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