‘SPIN’ Chooses H.O.T.’s ‘Candy’ As Best K-Pop Song

10 Jun

Of the 20 years that K-Pop has been prominent, out of the hundreds and thousands of songs that became popular, H.O.T.’s Candy was chosen as the best K-Pop song by one US magazine.

On June 1, SPIN magazine posted an article titled, ‘The 21 Greatest K-Pop Songs of All Time,’ and listed songs that SPIN’s Chuck Eddy and David Bevan thought were 21 of the best K-Pop songs from the past as well as the present.

David Bevan also mentioned that the reason for choosing an odd number of songs was as a tribute to 2NE1, who the writers claimed as “one of the current moment’s most beloved groups.”

On the impressive list of K-Pop hits were TVXQ (DBSK), Wonder Girls, IU, T-ara, 2NE1, Big Bang, and much more. There were also some old time classics such as Seo Taiji and Boys’s I Know.

But surprsingly defeating all the trendy mainstream K-Pop songs of today, especially the ones that helped start the K-Pop craze like Girls’ Generation (SNSD)’s Gee and Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry, was none other than H.O.T.’s Candy which was released in 1996.

David Bevan wrote, “Seo Taiji may have laid K-Pop’s foundation a few years earlier, but it was H.O.T., a boy band engineered in part by SM kingpin Lee Soo Man, that ushered in the ‘idol’ cult that′s propelled Korean pop cultural product as far and wide as it′s come in the past ten years.”

With bright colors, furry gloves and obnoxiously large overalls, H.O.T. stole the hearts of young girls with Candy. As one of the first boy groups in K-Pop history, it set new records not just financially but culturally, even getting the city of Seoul to make subways run longer on days H.O.T had its concerts so fans could go home afterwards.

Despite being over 16 years old, H.O.T.′s Candy is still playing on air in 2012 with younger idol groups commemorating the group by performing the beloved old-school song.

Check out the original article here.

Photo Credit: SPIN, SM Entertainment
Reporter : Grace Danbi Hong (grace@cj.net)
[Copyright CJ E&M Entertainment Portal enewsWorld, All Rights Reserved]

credit : global.mnet.com

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