F(x)’s Luna Updates Her Me2Day with Friends and Cousins

4 Jun

뮤지컬 ‘빨래’를 보고왔는데 정말 좋은 작품인것 같아요♥가슴 속 따스함으로 감동을 전해준 좋은 작품 ! 게다가 우연히 저희 사촌언니 친구분도 만났어요 이건 분명 운명인것을!♥~~~ >< 사랑하는 가족과 함께 보시면 더 좋을것 같아요! ~ 우리 사랑하는 멤버들 힘내자♥

Trans: I watched the musical “Washing”, and it was a really nice work of art ♥ The work of art really touched me and made my heart feel warm! Also, I met my cousin-unnie and my friends by chance. This is clearly fate!♥~~~ >< I think it will be awesome to watch [the musical] with your family! ~ To my lovely members, himnaeja*♥

*himnaeja = cheer up/have strength. A phrase you use for support.

Source: korea.com

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