So Ji Sub has a face as big as an actress!

3 Jun

Recently, actor So Ji Sub attracted fans’ attention with his perfect ratio.

On May 22, a picture was posted on the official Facebook account of SM Entertainment with the comment “With So Ji Sub who plays the character Kim Woo Hyun, the main server of the cyber police investigative service. We ask for your love and support for SBS’s Phantom.”

In the picture, the two leading actors of the series Lee Yeon Hee and So Ji Sub are posing friendly. Lee appeals her innocent charm in a black dress, slightly tilting her head to So with a beautiful smile.

What draws the most attention is the size of So’s face. Even though he is standing next to Lee, he is not embarrassed with the size of his head. It makes people exclaim, “That’s a cool side of him~”

Netizens who saw the picture reacted: “So Ji Sub has an amazing ratio.” “He is not embarrassed by Lee.” “I’m gonna faint if I see him in person.”

Currently, Lee and So appear in SBS’ drama series Phantom which airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:55 p.m.

Source: TV Report

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