IU’s Innocent, Young Looks Capture the Hearts of Fans

24 May

IU’s innocence has the fans captivated.

With the release of her new single Spring at the Age of Twenty on May 11, IU revealed her self-composed song,Peach

Already receiving love, Peach expresses the nervousness of love through an acoustic sound, along with IU’s gentle voice and her calm recorder and triangle performance.

In addition, IU’s company, LOEN Entertainment, released a special page on its YouTube channel, titled, ‘IU’s a Bit Private Story,’ showcasing the first movie clip of IU playing the recorder from IU’s independent music movie titled Spring at the Age of Twenty.

In the revealed images, IU is shown just waking up, taking a guitar and pondering about something, walking around Venice’s San Marco Piazza in Italy, and showing her daily life with minimal make-up on her face. She portrayed the fresh and beautiful innocence of a twenty-year old, captivating her fans.

Meanwhile, the second movie clip from her independent music movie,Spring at the Age of Twenty will be released on May 7.

Reporter : Kim, JiYeon (butthergirl@cj.net)
[Copyright CJ E&M Entertainment Portal enewsWorld, All Rights Reserved]

credit : global.mnet

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