Shinhwa’s Kim Dongwan talks about resolving arguments among members

16 Apr


Shinhwa has been up and running since the 90’s, sticking together through whatever ordeals that they have faced. Now, at their 10th studio effort, Kim Dongwan of the group feels that he may have found out the reason behind Shinhwa’s long-lasting career.

I think the main reason that groups disband is when the members have undisclosed problems (with the group or the management),” told  Kim to SBS’ You and I, “None of the Shinhwa members really had anything like that.

Of course there were times when we fought, but we resolved it ourselves,” continued Kim, “None of the members really kept their problems to themselves; we let each other know.” Lee Hyori, one of the MCs of You and I then added, “And I heard some of you even physically fought.

You can’t just keep on arguing, because at the end of the day, there really isn’t any solution made from that,” says Kim, “You need to confront the problems, get to the point and solve it quickly before it becomes a larger issue.”

Source and image: Naver

credit : soompi

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