Girls’ Generation appointed as ambassadors of Korea’s Retinitis Pigmentosa Society

16 Apr


On April 14th, Girls’ Generation‘s SooyoungTiffanyTaeyeon, and Seohyun attended the ceremony of Korea’s Retinitis Pigmentosa Society and were appointed as new ambassadors for the association to help cure blindness.

Aside from the girls, Sooyoung’s father (shown in the photo) also attended the event as the association’s president, as he too, has problems with his eyesight.  Sooyoung’s father, Choi Jung Nam personally handed the ambassador certification to the girls at the ceremony.  Choi Jung Nam has been the president of this campaign since 2006.

Interestingly enough, netizens also took notice of Taeyeon’s petite figure as she stood by Sooyoung and Seohyun, who are one of the tallest members in the group.  Netizens felt sympathetic to her unfortunate situation and commented, “Hmm, you’re a head shorter than Sooyoung“, “Even if she raises her head as high as possible, she still lacks a lot of height“, and “She’s still beautiful nevertheless“.

Source + Photos: Sports Seoul via Nate



credit : allkpop

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