Seulong and Son Eun Seo pose as a couple for the Jeonju International Film Festival

28 Mar

2AM‘s Seulong and actress Son Eun Seo participated in a photoshoot for the Jeonju International Film Festival, and the photos that were recently revealed are receiving a lot of interest from fans.

The two stars are the spokespeople for the 13th Jeonju International Film Festival, which is set to open on April 26th. The concept for the photoshoot was “a warm spring day, and an invitation to a film festival.”

The full set of photos will be revealed on March 28th, but the teaser photos of Seulong and Son Eun Seo are drawing attention as they portrayed a lovable image of a couple on a spring day.

Seulong revealed, “Because the photos are going to be seen not only by Koreans, but international guests as well, I was really nervous during the entire photoshoot. I will take on the heavy responsibility of being a spokesperson for the Jeonju International Film Festival and give my best efforts to promote it.”

Seulong is currently busy promoting with 2AM for the group’s new song, “I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me,” after a one and a half year hiatus.


Source + Image: OSEN

credit : allkpop

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