Miss A’s Suzy’s ‘bbooing bbooing’ pose melts uncle fans

28 Mar

On an online community board, a user recently posted photos of Miss A‘s Suzy doing the classic ‘bbooing bbooing’ aegyo in a previous conference for her new movie, ‘Introduction to Architecture‘.

Uncle fans and viewers alike were immediately drawn to Suzy’s innocent and shy expressions.  Judging from the photos, it seems Suzy was requested to display a variety of aegyo for the audience during the conference.  Despite looking slightly awkward, Suzy manages to look adorable with her peace sign and ‘bbooing bbooing’.  For those who don’t know, ‘bbooing bbooing’ is a common aegyothat has been trending in Korea.  The action is done by curling your fists and snapping your wrists near your cheeks, while at the same time saying the phrase, ‘bbooing bbooing’ a couple of times.

Fans and netizens, who were melted by Suzy’s extreme cuteness, wrote, “Suzy’s ‘bbooing bbooing’ is daebak! How can she look so beautiful?“, “Aww I wish I could see this in person“, and “She’s a goddess“.

Check out how the aegyo is done below!

Source + Photos: TV Report via Naver

credit : allkpop

Shared on rtkorean.wordpress.com by [NM]


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