BtoB to release their debut mini alubm ‘Born TO Beat’ on April 3rd

28 Mar

Rookie group BtoB will be releasing their first mini album titled ‘Born TO Beat‘ on April 3rd!

On March 29th, BtoB will start the presale of their album on online music sites, as well as revealing their track list.

Their first mini album will be available both on and off line on April 3rd, and will feature their two title tracks,“Insane” and “Imagine”, along with two new songs.

The album is said to have been prepared due to the request of fans, who were previously only able to purchase digital copies of the songs and had strongly requested that the album be released, as well as to showcase the diverse music styles of the group.

Their first album, ‘Born TO Beat’ uses their team name, which has two meanings: “Born for music”, and ”The whole world will be overwhelmed (beat) by our music”. The album will include emotion filled vocals and raps that will truly be a treat to the ears of their fans.

In addition, the album will also include a song that was written and composed by the group members, and thus has increased the anticipation of fans.

BtoB debuted on the 21st with their title tracks, “Insane” and “Imagine”, and has already proved their amazing vocals as well as the ability to pull off captivating performances through their showcase and debut music program stages.

credit : allkpop

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