120227 Super Junior’s Kyuhyun rendered speechless thanks to ZE:A’s Siwan

27 Feb

ZE:A’s Siwan, who has gained much popularity thanks to his portrayal of teenager Yeom in the popular drama The Moon That Embraces the Sun, guested on MBC’s Radio Star on February 22nd, where he was asked questions about his sexuality.

Super Junior’s evil maknae, Kyuhyun, who is an MC on the program, brought up the subject and asked Siwan, “If you search ‘Im Si Wan’ online, the search term ‘Im Si Wan Gay’ comes out as a related search phrase.” Siwan was unfazed by such a question and he calmly replied, “I’ve seen it too. However I don’t think it’s a topic worth addressing. I don’t pay attention to it. There’s never even been a male that’s approached me believing I was gay. It’s not true.”

Not satisfied by this answer, Kyuhyun continued to prod Siwan, hoping to elicit a response. Kyuhyun asked, “Is anyone in ZE:A gay?” Siwan responded to this question by firing back one of his own, “Was there in Super Junior hyung(older brother)’s group?”

This question naturally surprised Kyuhyun, who was rendered speechless by the awesome comeback.

Credit: enewsworld, Ningin
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