Block B Apologizes to Fans With 90 Degree Bow

23 Feb

Block B Apologizes to Fans With 90 Degree Bow

Block B, who has been under a lot of scrutiny due to their behavior during an interview in Thailand, has released a video of apology to their fans in Thailand. The video, which was subtitled in Korean, English and Thai shows the members with somber expressions and with their heads bowed.

They said that they are, “Very sorry for the things that happened in Thailand recently,” and continued by saying “It was childish and we are very sorry for causing harm. I don’t know how we can ask for forgiveness. I acknowledge that we weren’t attuned to what was right at the time, and that was very selfish of us. For that I extend my apologies. It wasn’t our intent to cause harm, but that’s exactly what happened. We cannot apologise to you in person, but please accept our deepest apologies.” They finished by saying that this was a learning experience and they hope to grow and improve from then on.

Do you guys accept their apology?

credit : soompi

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One Response to “Block B Apologizes to Fans With 90 Degree Bow”

  1. rhenisha February 23, 2012 at 9:19 PM #

    i didn’t know what they did…but glad they did a good thing to apologize for what they’ve done… #WillAlwaysSupportBLOCKB

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