[NEWS] 120214 Moon Geun Young “Preparing for her One Remaining Semester”

14 Feb


Following the end of the KBS2TV drama ‘Marry Me, Mary’ in December 2010, Moon Geun Young took a break. This year, she has one remaining semester of university ahead of her. Meanwhile, Moon Geun Young attended a friend’s wedding and in August 2011, she went to Japan to promote her drama ‘Marry Me, Mary.’

Other than that, her face has not been visible in an official public place, thus arousing the curiosity of fans. Moon Geun Young, who went to New York, United States, in September 2011 for a short-term language study, returned home by the end of November.

She is currently reviewing potential projects and is preparing to complete university. Moon Geun Young, who is majoring in Korean literature at Sungkyunkwan University, should be graduating this year (in February) but because she took a leave of absence (for acting related activities and to study abroad), she has one remaining semester left.

In a phone call with bnt news, an official of Moon Geun Young’s (from her agency) said, “She is currently carefully reviewing potential projects. Unless she takes on a project, she plans on completing her one remaining semester this spring.” Meanwhile, fans of Moon Geun Young who have been curious of her activities have conveyed messages such as “Geun Young, I want to see you on TV quickly”, “Don’t think too quickly but instead choose a project and appear in one you want to (act in)” and, “Complete your one remaining semester quickly and please return.”



credits: Soompimoons

source: bnt news

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