120129 Super Junior members support Eunhyuk for ‘FAME’

29 Jan

Over 4 months ago, we reported that Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk would be making his musical debut through the Korean production of ‘FAME‘. With only one performance remaining, Eunhyuk’s groupmatesHeechulDonghae, and Kyuhyun stopped by to show their support.

On January 28th, Heechul posted a picture of himself with Donghae on the way to Eunhyuk’s musical saying,

HEE & HAE. EunHyuk’s musical letz go my babe~ Today is lyrical tonight!! :) I dont speak eng ToT. lollollol

After the show, Heechul tweeted,

I’ve sawn Eunhyuk’s musical very interestingly (I saw Eunhyuk’s musical and it was very interesting). Eunhyuk’s singing was a fresh shock. Cheers for FAME~ :o )

Soon after, Donghae tweeted,

Just came back from watching Eunhyuk in FAME ^^ Eunhyuk, the challenge you made is admirable

Lastly, Eunhyuk revealed a backstage group photo of the Super Junior members saying,

Hee-nim Lee Donghae Kyu!!!!! Men of loyalty, thanks kekekekeke You can tell I was cast for my singing right?

Fans commented, “Looks like a family photo” “Cheers for FAME” and “Oppa, you’re so handsome

Eunhyuk has been starring in ‘FAME’ alongside other K-pop stars including Girls’ Generation‘sTiffanySon Ho YoungCSJH‘s Lina, and TRAX‘s Jungmo. Eunhyuk was cast in the role of Tyrone Jackson, a dancer and rapper who refuses to study. ‘FAME’ will end its 2 month run on January 29th

Source: HeechulDonghae, & Eunhyuk‘s Twitters / allkpop
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