Winners Announced for 2nd Day of 26th Golden Disk Awards

21 Jan

Winners Announced for 2nd Day of 26th Golden Disk Awards

On January 12, the second day of the 26th “Golden Disk Awards” was held at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka, Japan. On today’s show, hosted by F.T. Island’s Lee Hong Ki and miss A’s Suzy, the winners of the digital sales awards were announced (Check out the winners of yesterday’s physical album sales awards here).

Launched in 1986, the “Golden Disk Awards” is widely accepted as the “Grammy Awards” of Korea for its prestige and fair standards. The winners are determined solely based on physical album and digital sales, giving a fair chance to both mainstream and underground artists. Celebrating its 26th anniversary, the “Golden Disk Awards” took the show overseas in Japan, as a way to show their appreciation to all the K-Pop fans from around the world.

Check out the full list of winners for digital sales from the 26th “Golden Disk Awards” below!

Digital Daesang: SNSD

Digital Bonsang: G.NA, miss A, CN Blue, K-Will, SISTAR, Secret, 4minute, SNSD

Best Asian Group Award: CN Blue

Best Rookie Award: Boyfriend, Huh Gak

ViVi Dream Award: CN Blue

Hallyu Icon Award: Supernova

Cosmopolitan “Fun & Fearless” Musician Award: FT Island

Best Rock Musician Award: FT Island

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