HyunA and Hyun Seung Share BTS Photos of “Trouble Maker”

21 Jan

HyunA and Hyun Seung Share BTS Photos of “Trouble Maker”

4minute’s HyunA and BEAST’s Hyun Seung debuted as the unit group, Trouble Maker, in December. Although they only promoted for a month, the impact they brought to the industry was stronger than any unit group last year. Their title track, “Trouble Maker,” won five #1 awards on jTBC’s “Music on Top,” Mnet’s “M! Countdown,” and SBS “Inkigayo.” Their music video on YouTube was seen over 10 million times in total.

On January 19, Trouble Maker shared never-before-seen photos of their softer side through Ilkan Sports. Here are the photos and a personal letter HyunA wrote herself for the fans. Enjoy!

“Hi all, this is HyunA. We had a short but impactful promotion as Trouble Maker~Thank you for showing so much love and support. We always did our best to show a better side of us and an improved stage, but I’m not sure how you guys felt about it. I still have a lot of regrets T.T. Trouble Maker promotions have come to an end after last week’s performance at the 26th Golden Disk Awards in Osaka, but I’ll be going on stage as 4minute next month, so please wait just a little for me~Hope you show lots of love for 4minute’s new mini album~^^”

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One Response to “HyunA and Hyun Seung Share BTS Photos of “Trouble Maker””

  1. tyle March 10, 2012 at 1:00 PM #

    i notice in many videos and photos, after every performance, hyuna will cover herself. i think her true self is so far away from what she is projecting on stage. my cousin is right, she is a decent 19 year old girl. i will not be surprised if hyunseung will fall for her. they are great as a team(duo). hyunseung as the singer and hyuna as the rapper – a unique concept. usually it’s the girl that is the singer and the male is the rapper.

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