FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki Caught Holding Unknown Woman’s Hand

21 Jan

FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki Caught Holding Unknown Woman's Hand

On January 20, a photo of FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki holding the hand of an unknown woman was posted online. In the photo titled “FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki on a date with a regular girl??” the star singer is seen casually walking the streets without being aware of the photo taken. After what looks like a leaked photo was posted, it went viral online causing many fans to speculate on the identity of the woman.

Netizens commented, “She looks like Lee Hong Ki’s girlfriend,” “Who’s that girl?” and “They look close to each other.”

However, it turns out the photo was taken during FT Island’s recent music video recording. Shortly after the photo was leaked, FNC Music, FT Island’s management agency, released a statement saying, “The photo was taken at the filming of FT Island’s music video for their new album. The woman next to Lee Hong Ki is not his girlfriend, but the female lead in the MV.”

FT Island will release their new album in Korea next February, resuming their Korean promotions. They are currently preparing for their comeback, filming the MV for the title track. But is it just me who thinks that photo looks too natural?

cr. soompi

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