f(x)’s Victoria Sends Greetings from China

19 Jan

f(x)’s Victoria Sends Greetings from China

f(x)’s Victoria sent her greetings from China! On January 19, Victoria shared a photo on her me2day with the caption, “It’s been a long time? Weather in Shenzhen is so nice. Good day.”

In the photo, Victoria is seen wearing a plaid shirt and rocking a pony tail. With her trademark smile and the “V” hand sign, Victoria looks like she’s having a great time in her home country.

Netizens who saw the picture commented, “Long time! How have you been? Come back to Korea,” “I guess Shenzhen is warm. Korea’s so cold,” “You look so happy in your hometown. Have fun!”

Meanwhile, Victoria is busy filming for her first TV drama, “The Prince without a Castle.” In this Taiwanese drama, Victoria will play the female lead of an orphaned girl who is actually a long lost granddaughter for a big corporate company. She will also have her first on-screen kiss, so make sure you catch the drama series!

cr. soompi

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