Lee Teuk Upset about Rumors of Leaving MBC “We Got Married”

8 Jan

Lee Teuk Upset about Rumors of Leaving MBC "We Got Married"

Earlier today, we reported that MBC “We Got Married” is set to replace their current set of couples with a completely new group. But it seems like at least Lee Teuk thinks otherwise.

Moments after news of the cast replacement was reported, Super Junior’s Lee Teuk tweeted a meaningful message denying his withdrawal from the show. He wrote, “Who keeps spreading spoilers..T.T I’m not dropping out yet!!!!^^”

Earlier reports said Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, Dong Hae, Sung Min, and Kyu Hyun recently held a four-on-four meeting with female celebrities, and they would be replacing the current set of couples on the show. It said, “With Kang Sora soon to become very busy with her ‘Dream High Season 2’ commitments and Lee Teuk expected to enter into national service sometime this year, it looks likely that they will leave the show soon as well.”

Netizens who saw Lee Teuk’s tweet commented, “Right? You can’t be leaving already!” “Please no more speculations,” and “I wish WGM will last forever!”

It’s good to hear Lee Teuk not leave WGM, but with his impending military service this year, it should be interesting to see how much longer he will last.

credit : soompi

shared on rtkorean.wordpress.com by [NM]


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