T-ara’s Hyomin no longer has a ‘Roly Poly’ kiss scene with Lee Jang Woo

6 Jan

Girl group T-ara member Hyomin shared her thoughts on being part of the ‘Roly Poly‘ musical.

Hyomin along with the other T-ara members put on a performance of their new song “Lovey Dovey” on Mnet‘s M! Countdown at the CJ E&M Center on the 5th which blew the audience away.

Once the girls stepped down from stage, Hyomin informed Star News, “Yesterday I attended the‘Roly Poly’ press conference and learned that I had a kiss scene with actor Lee Jang Woo in the ‘Roly Poly’ musical.”

But there will be many actors and actresses on stage and I think the chances of a kiss scene with him are very slim. It’s a relief,” she said with a wry smile.

Hyomin previously reported that she would have a kiss scene in the musical with actor Lee Jang Woo, who is currently ‘married’ to fellow T-ara member Eunjung on MBC‘s ‘We Got Married‘.

Eunjung shared her own thoughts on the issue saying, “I think that if Lee Jang Woo were to have a kiss scene in the musical, it would actually be better if it were with Hyomin. I hope that Hyomin andSoyeon have a successful initiation,” she said with a laugh.

In related news, the girls revealed the trending shuffle dance to their club-song “Lovey Dovey”. The choreography is fresh, the melody is addictive, and their stage performances are exciting. With the song, the girls have completely focused the attention of the public.

‘Roly Poly’ is a jukebox musical, based off the MV of T-ara’s hit song also titled, “Roly Poly”. The musical is the joint effort of ‘Midas Touch’, Core Contents Media CEO Kim Kwang SooCulture Act, who produced ‘Mother‘, and ‘Really Really Like You‘.

The first performance will take place at the Sungnam Arts Center on the 13th.

Source & Image : StarNews via Nate

credit : allkpop

shared on rtkorean.wordpress.com by [NM]


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