ZE:A leaves a video message promoting their ’1st ZE:A’s Party Concert’

25 Dec

A week ago, we reported that ZE:A will hold a special charity concert for Christmas called ‘The 1st ZE:A’S Party Concert NA:NUM 2011′.

On December 22, ZE:A‘s Kevin and Dongjun released a video message using the Starcallapplication, reminding fans to text and come to their concert.

They said, “Hey, did you send text messages of the songs you want to hear through UFO Town? (Did you send them?) We will pick two songs that you want to hear the most, and perform them live at ZE:A’s Party concert on Dec 26th (Hyung what song do you wanna hear the most?) Probably a song that came out recently..one of our songs uhh.. it’s Christmas. (Of course…me.. I wanna show the Intro) The intro..ohh the intro..we’ve never showed that (An intro with no lyrics hahaha. Also text #70009000.. if you haven’t sent them already Now) Hurry~! (Right now please send a message)~~ (You know?) You know? (You know? Understand?) Yeah~ (Ok, let’s meet on Dec 26th at AX-Korea then~ Bye Bye) Bye bye (Bye Bye BAANG!!!)”.

The 1st ZE:A’S Party Concert NA:NUM 2011′ will be held on December 26th at AX-Korea.

Source + Image: Playdb

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